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Trishula Media is the company of the recordslabels Trishula Records and Ajana Records. Both labels are active in a diversity of music ranging from serious nighttime psychedelic trance to more downbeat music on the other side. The work is powered by the passion for the music, a meditation for the mind and by no means for fame and/or money. With over 15 years of experience in the psychedelic music scene Trishula Media is an experienced support for producers and dj's around the globe.

The labels are focusing on finding new talented artists producing their own music with fresh ideas. You can say that we discover the talent and give them a platform to showcase the music worldwide. It is also a fact you will find the artists we support not often in the line-up of commercial parties and festivals. It is more likely you will have to dig deeper and meet them in more undergrond events.

The amount of music people are sending us is getting bigger and bigger as it is easier in the age of musicproduction software to produce your own music. We try to answer most producers but it is impossible to answer everyone and especially if the music is not fitting the concept of the label. From all the work send to us we pick out the best music, music with a story!

The people who buy and play our music is what we depend on to continue the work. We thank everybody who support us and the artists behind us as they make this happen for you. Allthough there will be major changes in the future concerning the medium for releasing and selling the music we will keep on looking for new ways to get it out.
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